About Me

I'm a home baker in Huntington Beach, California.

Surf City, USA.  Orange County.  The OC.  Sunny, southern California.  Where Beach Boulevard meets the sea.


Since I was little I always shared the love of baking with my mom and grandma.  Breads, cakes, anything!  I began baking for corporate birthdays and celebrations beginning with my own work office.  In 2016 I discovered For Goodness Cakes, a nonprofit based out of Santa Monica, CA, who matches volunteer bakers and underpriviledged youth and young adults to deliver homemade birthday and graduation cakes.  I began baking for the kids and fell completely head over feels in love with the cause, and with decorating cakes as well.  In 2018, and 60 donated cakes later and plenty of recipe testing on friends & willing neighbors, I decided to open my own Cottage Food bakery and sell my homemade cakes and goodies!  Approved and insured.  Check, check and check.  Open for business!

When you purchase one of my cakes, you help me to cover some of the costs of the cakes I donate to For Goodness Cakes.  I've also just opened a chapter of For Goodness Cakes right here in Orange County, California, and this past September we began baking for the youth here in my home county!  For more information, to donate, to partner or to sign up to be a volunteer baker, please visit For Goodness Cakes.