Cake prices are based on several factors including number of servings, materials, flavor selection & complexity of design.  I'm happy to give you options based on your budget.

Please email your quote request to me at here and include the number of servings and party date and any details.  If you have inspirational cake photos you'd like to share with me, please include them.


Regular Flavors
White Velvet (vanilla)
Red Velvet
Buttermilk Spice

Specialty Flavors
Carrot Walnut
Farmstand Strawberry
Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Roll
Dark Chocolate Mud/Ganache
Banana Walnut/Browned Butter Buttercream


Cream Cheese
Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Peanut Butter
Salted Caramel
Browned Butter
German Chocolate (fill only)

Dark Chocolate Ganache
Dark Chocolate Espresso Ganache
White Chocolate Ganache (fill only)


*singles available now!
*doubles currently not available due to canning jar shortage

These mason jars are full to the brim with deliciousness!

Singles (4oz) = 1 cupcake
Doubles (8oz)  = 2 cupcakes

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Have you ever looked at a cupcake without smiling? Do you have a cupcake combo you've been dreaming about? Whisper it to me!

Cupcakes order is 1 dozen (single flavor) min.
Minis order is 2 dozen (single flavor) min.


6" serves  12
7" serves 15
8" serves  24
9" serves  32
10" serves  38
12" serves56

7"/5" serves 23
8"/5" serves 32
8"/6" serves 36
9"/6" serves 44
10"/6" serves 50
8"/6"/4" serves 42
10"/7"/4" serves 59

Cake prices start at $5/serving. Number of servings are approximate and are based on serving size 1" x 2".


Carrot & Toasted Walnut - the most scrumptious carrot cake I've ever tasted, I had to add it to my menu!
Australian Mud Cake - dark and decadent moist & dense brownie-like chocolate cake covered in your choice of ganache - dark chocolate or dark chocolate espresso
Banana Walnut & Brown Butter - moistiest banana bread in cake form with browned butter frosting and toasted walnuts
Sin City - dark & moist chocolate cake with a caramel buttercream, a mix of chopped toasted pecans, walnuts & caramel drizzle between each layer, dark chocolate drip
Maple Bar - loaded vanilla cake with maple buttercream & topped with a maple caramel drip & maple bar donuts
German Chocolate - my darker take on this classic! dark, fudgy chocolate cake, fudgy buttercream and buttery filling packed with coconut & toasted pecans  

Untitled design (90)

CAKE JARS ($5/$8)

Singles (4 oz) = 1 cupcake

Set of 6  $30 - mix & match cake flavors on hand
Set of 12  $60 - may pre-order single flavor of choice or mix & match flavors on hand

Doubles (8 oz) = 2 cupcakes

Set of 6  $48 - may pre-order single flavor of choice or mix & match flavors on hand

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These mason jars are full to the brim with deliciousness and make wonderful gifts!  Great for party favors or social distancing individual enclosed treats.  Jars are premium canning quality (Kerr or Ball).

Be sure to join my email list (scroll down) for flash sales and weekly cake jar flavor or mixed flavor sets availability!


Cheaper than a pony, and less mess!

6"  $100  (serves approx 12)
7"  $115  (serves approx 15)
8"  $160  (serves approx 24)
9"  $200  (serves approx 32)

Two tier Unicorn cake + sprinkle combinations available, such as:

6"+ 8"  (serves approx 36)
6"+ 9"  (serves approx 44)
6"+ 10"  (serves approx 50)
7"+ 10"  (serves approx 53)

Custom cakes & cupcakes in Huntington Beach, Orange County. Visit for your little one's unicorn cakes or cupcakes.
Custom birthday and cupcakes created for you, located in Huntington Beach, California. Orange County has never tasted so good!


"Loaded" cakes are the fabulous divas of the bakery world!  These ladies turn every head and can be single or double barrel (a double barrel are two cakes of the same size, stacked).  Fresh seasonal flowers + macaron cakes are my jam!  More than you could ever know I would love, love, love to create one for you.

Load your cakes with donuts, candies, lollipops, toys + more. Let's personalize your loaded cake to your heart's delight!


Includes seasonal fresh florals, macarons, personalized glitter topper & partial or full drip.  Your cake, your mix & match dream!


Holiday shopping got ya feeling a bit nutty?  I have dark, rich & dreamy nut-free* fudge, walnut fudge, pecan fudge and my son's favorite--wait for it...  macadamia nut fudge!

Fudge is sold by the pound.  It's never too early to order for Christmas!  $16+/lb

*For those with nut allergies, my kitchen is NOT nut-free.

A Huntington Beach based home bakery, creating custom buttercream cakes and cupcakes in Orange County, California.
Custom wedding cakes, birthday, engagement, baby shower and more! Baker located in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California.


From your baby's first smash cake to a unicorn cake full of rainbows to a tower of semi-naked multi-tiered wedding cake in ombre shades of buttercream, sweet flowers & rustic foilage.

The road back home... comfort foods from my Irish mama.

Irish Soda Bread - one loaf made with buttermilk and pure Irish butter, pick it up fresh & piping hot! $18/loaf  

Grammy's Yummy Butter Pecan Cookies - these buttery, melt in your mouth bites of Heaven are packed with toasted pecans and rolled in powdered sugar. $15/two dozen

Kim's Favorite Brownies - Dark chocolate brownies full of toasted pecans & walnuts, sprinkled with powdered sugar. $24/dozen

Irish Soda Bread. Custom home bakery in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California.

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